00485.com_3016js金沙国际_澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 National Import Export Co Ltd Zhejiang RSS Aggregation service,00485.com,澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 indexen.php?mod=rss http://backend.userland.com/rss 00485.com_3016js金沙国际_澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 ?mod=news&act=view&gid=4&cid=12&id=16  2007 July 21 (Saturday), zhejiang zitic import and export co., ltd convene a half year management analysis meeting in hangzhou haihua resort.The company leader did the first half year of company work summary and second half year of work arrangement. Face export environment of disadvantageous factor on the first half of year and export rebate policy of adjust, all employee concentrate on, in addition to fraud interest benefit, pass effort to attain time over the half, mission lead half,  complete half year degree management plan exceedly, display all dint and fighting strength of coagulate of employee.

]]> ,00485.com,澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 2010-12-16 08:00:00 00485.com_3016js金沙国际_澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 ?mod=news&act=view&gid=4&cid=11&id=15 For betterly promoting company development, creation harmony company, at 2007 July 9 afternoon, zhejiang zitic  import and export company convened the "responsibility", "harmony"of topic symposium. Board of directors, management actors of one troupe, supervisor meeting member, department member of committee, section positive job, party member, labor union, the parts of  regiment department attended this  symposium.Everyone on the symposium put forward oneself of standpoint and viewpoint. The subject about how  enhance the responsibal consciousness of all levels ; How exalt and improve management environment, work condition; How process  top and bottom class relation , section and section relation, leadership and crowd relation, party relation; How allocate human resource ,  exert it just and how support  new business person exalting business ability; The problem of the equity, clarity...etc. of the system, welfare treatment, administrative affairs of the processing allotment.

]]> ,00485.com,澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 2010-12-16 00:00:00 00485.com_3016js金沙国际_澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 ?mod=news&act=view&gid=4&cid=13&id=14 Alibaba doesn¡¯t check the registration information of free members at present. Therefore, you should not believe a free member who claims to be in China or any other place until you verify it. The person making this claim could be based in any country and might merely using China to disguise their true location. E.g. a fraudulent trader may tell you that they are from China but may be from Africa. Check their country and geographical codes.

Some scammers use a forwarding number or a VOIP number to disguise their location. Numbers beginning with the prefix +4470 or +4487 are forwarding numbers that are rarely used by legitimate companies and are not used in China at all.


]]> ,00485.com,澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 2010-03-20 08:00:00 00485.com_3016js金沙国际_澳门金沙官网线上娱乐 ?mod=news&act=view&gid=4&cid=12&id=13 Jul. 4, 2007 (China Knowledge) ¨C In a new supplement to the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) signed with the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) government on July 2, the Chinese central government granted Macao-based companies larger access to the mainland market in a new batch of 11 industries.

Under the fourth supplement to the CEPA, the mainland will open 11 additional areas to Macao businesses, including sports, environment, translation and public utilities.

"Opening-ups have been made in sectors with Macao in the industries concerned," Liao Xiaoqi said. Liao, the Vice Minister of China's Ministry of Commerce signed the agreement with Tam Pak-yuen, the economy and finance officer of the Macao SAR government in Macao on Monday.

According to the supplementary, the minimum annual business turnover required for a Macao travel agency which plans to establish a joint venture on the mainland is reduced to US$8 million from US$12 million and for wholly owned enterprises lowered from US$25 million to US$15 million.

Macao travel companies are allowed to expand their Hong Kong and Macao tour businesses from South China's Guangdong Province, the former single pilot project area, to another eight provinces and autonomous regions in mainland.

The amendments are expected to take effect on January 1, 2008.

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